Types of Tile & Stone for Flooring

tile flooring

Flooring increases the style quotient of the home and if it is gracefully applied then it just accentuate the natural style setting of your home.

Tiles and stones are offer sense of permanence and character which is incomparable with any other type of flooring.

So here are some of the natural, cool and hard types of surfaces that will not only make your home look elegant but will also prove friendly to your pocket.

Types of Stones


Granite is one of the hardest stone types which is available in different colors and varieties. It is attractive, hard and resistant to stains and moisture. It is easy to clean and maintain and thus preferred for flooring.

Apart from timeless style and long lasting beauty, granite adds an oomph quotient to your house.

Granite is perfect for bathrooms and kitchens but also work wonders if they are used in drawing rooms. The shine and luster of granite makes it perfect for all kinds of flooring.


The aesthetic factor of time honored marble is undoubted! Marble in dense and its longevity proves the same. Although it is classified as one of the expensive types of stones and needs regular cleaning but still its popularity at commercial and residential spaces is not decreased.

The elegant and glossy finish of marble can never be undermined and may be therefore it is considered as symbol of luxury and opulence.


The irregular and non-identical patterns of stone also provide natural and earthen appearance to the floor. Limestone which is formed from sedimentary materials offers superior comfort and range of subtle colors including glossy and matte shades which simply adds charm to any interior.

This is the reason that limestone is one of the favorites of architects and designers as it offers various kinds of designs, patterns and thus provides exceptional versatility for flooring.

Types of Tiles

Stone Tiles:

As the name suggests, these tiles are made by slicing slabs of stones into thin squares and rectangles. The beauty of these tiles lie in their natural imperfection as the tiles vary from each other due to type of stone, veining process and quarry as well. The wide assortment of colors and patterns in stone tiles give them aesthetic look.

Ceramic & Porcelain:

These are the most common types of tiles that are prevalent and are made from natural clay and minerals thus offering wide variety of designs, textures, sizes and colors.

Having a smooth and external glaze these tiles are apt for both indoors and outdoors and are durable and easy to apply as well. These tiles are non-porous and thus are resistant to moist strains.

There are wood look tiles as well which can be called as sub-categories of ceramic and porcelain tiles.


The elegant appearance provided by this tile is tremendous. They are durable, versatile and not widely available! The eye-catching finish of this tile is authentic and can sustain their beauty even if they are used for high trafficked areas.

They are mostly recommended for places that stay cold throughout the year as this tile has its heat of its own which contributes in keeping your home cosy and warm all year long!