How to Tile a Bathroom Wall

tile bathroom wall

We discussed tile for flooring in our last post and of course you can use tile for walls too!

Bathroom walls experience lots of water and hence tiles are the best material for such walls. Wall tiles are apt as per utility and they also provide a perfect look to the bathroom.

The tiles stand up to wet conditions, make frequent cleaning easier and also provide enduring look to the interiors. Applying tiles on the bathroom walls is certainly a professional job!

A professional job which you can also do all by yourself and that too at affordable rates! So, here is a step by step guide as to how can you tile your bathroom wall and bring color and style to your bathroom!

  1. Ready the tiles: If you have selected the tiles already then firstly you should take appropriate measure of the wall where you have to put the tiles. Depending upon the width and height of the wall, you might have to trim the corner tiles. Also, if there are tap, fittings, doors or windows then you would have to cut the tiles accordingly. So measure the space properly and then keep aside the number of tiles which might need to be trimmed. We will trim them as and when we have to fix them.
  2. Sand the wall: The first and second step can be done interchangeably also! The wall surface needs to be sanded to even it out. You should clean and dust the entire wall and then seal it too with putty so as to provide an extra layer of protection. If the surface would be smooth only then the tiles would be applied evenly and in sync.
  3. Preparing & applying tile glue: if you want to leave a base line at the bottom of the wall and cover it with different set of tiles then you should put some marks using a chalk line. If not, then you may start gluing row by row on the wall. The tile glue which is used these days is safe to use with waterproof as per the regulations. You need to mix ample amount of water with the tile glue powder to make it consistent like a paste. If it seems to be runny or dry then you need to add more powder or water as may be necessary. Apply this glue either at the back of the first row tiles or at the wall directly only for the bottom most row tiles. Trim the corner tile as per the requirement.
  4. Lay subsequent rows of tiles: In conjunction to the point above, continue to lay other rows of tiles one by one. If you are applying the glue directly on the wall, make sure you are putting up tiles before it dries up. Multiple layers of glue will not even out the tiles, hence you need to ensure that you are applying very thin layer of glue and cleaning off any excess glue. Before putting up tiles in second row, make sure that the height of all times in the first row is horizontally aligned. You may use the scale or wedges to check this and adjust the ones which are slightly up or below otherwise your bathroom would not have properly aligned outlook!