Install Carpet or Hardwood Floor in Your New Home?

One of the first décor decisions you will need to make during the time you are building your new dream home is which type of floor to choose for your home. You can select different flooring for different rooms but usually the majority of a home is either hardwood, carpet or tile floor.

We’ve discussed the various types of tile and stone flooring available for installation in a home. For most homes, tile floor is reserved for bathrooms, kitchens and sometimes interior patios. So, what about the rest of the home?

There are two flooring options that are the most popular for families building a new home and those are carpet and hardwood floor.

Both carpet and hardwood floor have their own benefits so in the end it will come down to the preference of the homeowners. This post provides some of the benefits of each type of flooring in order to help you decide how to choose your new home’s flooring:

Benefits of Carpet

Here are some of the primary benefits of carpet in your home:

(1) Soft & Comfortable

Each step on a carpet floor is cushioned and comfortable. Carpet will help reduce stress on your knees and back and warms the soles of your feet as you walk through your home. You will also notice that your energy bills will be lower if you install carpet instead of hardwood floor because carpet helps to insulate a home.

(2) Colorful

Hardwood floor is very versatile but on the surface, carpet offers more colors and style options to choose from. You can select a bold and bright color of carpet and pair it with more subdued décor or furniture or do the opposite and pair neutral carpet with bold furniture and décor. There are many ways to decorate with carpet!

(3) Cost

The cost of carpet is cheaper than hardwood floor. The materials and rolls of carpet are cheaper and the installation is cheaper too. We do not recommend DIY installation of carpet or hardwood floor considering the investment in the materials and the crucial role a floor plays in a home so you will need to decide if you can afford the quality hardwood materials and the cost for a professional installer.

Benefits of Hardwood

(1) Long-Lasting

You will often hear that hardwood floor can last a lifetime and it is very true. A quality hardwood floor will last the entire life of a home if cared for and refinished from time to time. There is no stronger flooring material than hardwood floor for your living room or dining room or even bedrooms too. This durability is the reason the cost of the materials is so expensive.

(2) Versatility

You will enjoy a lot of versatility when it comes to decorating with hardwood floor. You can use hardwood floor for both modern décor and layouts as well as traditional styling. You can also complement a hardwood floor with various area rugs to incorporate a little color into the room and into the home.

(3) Resale Value

Should the time come where you decide to sell your home after you build it, you will receive a much higher resale value if you install hardwood floor instead of carpet. New home buyers love hardwood floor because oftentimes new buyers feel the need to replace carpet or at least hire a local carpet cleaner right away. The owner of Lloyd’s Chem-Dry in Aurora tells us all the time how he has to clean carpet before the new buyers will move into a home.

We love both carpet and hardwood floor and encourage you to spend enough time necessary to decide which type of floor is best for your new home.