Acquiring a Building Permit

Your dream home cannot become a reality before you obtain a building permit from your local governing body.

Every state, county, city and town has their own guidelines and requirements to obtain a building permit. You will need to research the requirements for your location.

The permit is necessary in order to commence building legally. Without a permit, there is a good chance you will face several fines and receive a cease and desist order to prevent further building.

We don’t recommend initiating any type of building, major remodel, renovation or add-on construction without first obtaining a building permit and approval from the municipality.

Why You Need a Building Permit

There are several reasons the government requires building permits for new construction and major building projects.

The first reason is for safety. Approval for a permit requires an investigation of the project from the government which will ensure proper measurements are taken for the safety of all those involved in the project.

The second reason is quality of construction. Each city or town has its own standards and requirements for construction within their limits. For example, you couldn’t build a three-story home in a neighborhood where everyone has a two-story home.

The third reason is that it creates easier property valuation and taxation across the municipality.

Cynical contractors and home builders will also point out that the permit fees can compensate for poor economic times when taxes are too low.

How to Obtain a Permit

You will need to fill out all of the necessary forms and pay various fees in order to acquire the permit and approval of construction. You should start as soon as possible as the process can be time consuming and is dependent on the government officials and their schedule.

You can also hire a service to handle all of the paperwork and communication with the local government and its permit office. These services are not too costly and allow you to spend time focusing on design plans for the new construction or other priorities in your personal or professional life.

Remember, do not begin new construction or a significant renovation or add-on to a home without going through the proper channels and acquiring a building permit.